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5 Tips On How To Promote A Digital Magazine

promote a digital magazine

by Paulina Kubala-Chuchnowska, State of Digital Publishing Online magazines have become an inseparable element of the publishing world and their growth is particularly noticeable today. The reason for this situation is technological development, the increasing popularity of reading on mobile devices, and especially the pandemic situation which has changed people’s needs. However, even in such…

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How to Help Your Advertisers Understand the Importance of Marketing Amidst COVID-19

by Ryan Dohrn, Editor & Publisher It’s been rough out there in sales land during this health crisis. And yet, web traffic is spiking for media companies. So, what do we do to leverage that and take a bad situation and make it better for our advertisers? Let’s give ourselves some historical context. In 1776,…

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How to communicate with advertisers effectively


Ongoing communication is important There are a variety of ways you may communicate with companies you would like to have as advertisers. Both prospective advertisers as well as your current ones will expect a good return on their investment. It’s your job to entice them with your readership, encourage them to stay, and show them…

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The Importance of Subscriber Profiles


Magazines often survey their readers in order to create a subscriber profile, which they provide to prospective advertisers. The vital information may be presented to advertisers in a variety of forms. The subscriber profile differs from the profile of the target reader. Rather than describing the ideal reader in great detail so that the magazine…

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What digital advertising can learn from printed magazines

digital advertising

By D. Eadward Tree, Publishing Executive Fraud. Ad blockers. Mobilegeddon. Slow page loading. Low ad rates. Let’s face it: Digital advertising, which was supposed to rescue us from the decline of print, has run into a mess of problems this year on the way to saviorhood. We magazine publishers have competitive advantages in dealing with…

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What is an Issue Wrap?

issue wrap

An issue wrap is a second cover on a magazine. They are not usually put on magazines to be displayed for single-copy sale. However, they are sometimes used on magazines mailed to subscribers. Issue wraps not only provide extra protection for the cover, but can serve as a tool to: advertise special offers to subscribers,…

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Media Kit: A Meet and Greet for Advertisers

media kit

A media kit is your magazine’s opportunity to make a great first impression on potential advertisers. You want to introduce your magazine in a quick, engaging, and meaningful way. Put together a packet that tells the advertiser who your magazine is, how it can benefit their company, and what advertising options you can offer. A media…

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Using Bind-In Cards

bind-in cards

Bind-in cards are cards bound into magazines with saddle-stitch binding or perfect binding. Bind-ins are perforated for easy removal, and are placed in a specific location in the magazine. As the reader examines the magazine the pages fall open to where the card is due to its thickness. Publishers may sell these cards to advertisers…

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