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Support MTI during Tax Season

Here are three action items to consider as you prepare: Do you file long form? Ask your tax advisor how you can decrease your tax obligation for 2020 by charitable giving. Do you have to take the Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA? Ask your tax advisor how you can use the RMD to reduce…

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Through the years with MTI: 2003


 An interview with SY Phang How did you become involved in communications? Why is it important to you? Mass Communication was my major in university. Since my graduation, I have been involved in print media, specializing in company newsletters, corporate publications and marketing communication materials. I didn’t get to do broadcasting, which was my first…

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Support MTI with Monthly Giving

monthly giving

You asked, we listened. We made it easier to donate a smaller amount every month instead of a large sum all at once. Your unrestricted gift touches every aspect of providing essential training. Join the sustaining donor club by utilizing our new website feature of automated monthly giving. How will you give?

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It’s coming! #GivingTuesday is almost here


Support MTI on #GivingTuesday Join the global phenomenon of charitable giving on Giving Tuesday. Magazine Training International offers training to Christian leaders in less-resourced countries. Your gift helps them impact their countries for Christ. Make a one-time gift on Giving Tuesday or sign up for automated monthly giving. LEARN: Discover the ways you can make a difference.   CHOOSE: Select the…

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Through the Years with MTI: 1994


An interview with Thomas Dittrich Why did you start Zivot Viry in 1990? Since 1948, communism had interrupted all free Christian publishing in the former Czechoslovakia. A single interdenominational monthly didn‘t exist during communist rule. When communism fell, the Christian Mission Society (Krestanska misijni spolecnost) wanted to encourage the various Christian denominations and churches to…

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Through the Years with MTI: 1989

An interview with Dr. Ksenija Magda Sharon was a new type of missionary. For the first time, someone told us we shouldn’t be translating—that we should be writing. She told us, “You can do it, and here are the tools to do it.” That was a miracle at that point. We realized then that writing…

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Francis’ story: Where have you been


On-site and online, our resources provide life-changing training materials to God’s people. In this two-minute video, Francis tells how he found us and the difference it made in his publishing career. “…I wanted to be sure that what I discovered was real.” -Francis Watch the video here

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…the one response she needed.


The email that launched a career “You say this is MTI’s first time in Africa,” said the quiet young woman. “But for me, MTI was in Cameroon 10 years ago.” When Ivanova Nono Fotso asked to share her testimony at the Magazine Training Institute in Kenya, her astonishing statement took everyone by surprise. Even more…

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Daphrose has a remarkable vision for the DRC


Daphrose believes that in spite of endemic violence, civil war, teenage alcoholism, aids, teen suicide, child soldiers, joblessness, and orphaned children, she and her husband, Jean-Pasteur, will see one of the most battered nations in Africa transformed by children and teenagers. “I want to see teenagers on fire for God, to have a vision for…

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You can help offer training to African leaders in publishing


It is impossible for Christians in Africa with few financial resources to get the training they so urgently need and desire without your gift! Will you help subsidize the cost of training a Christian in publishing at the Introduction to Magazine Publishing course in Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa next year? We believe it is…

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