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    Build a strong brand: Establish your brand identity in print and digital

    What sets your magazine apart from the crowd? Discover the concept of brand identity, and how to leverage the unique personality of your brand to improve engagement with readers. [...]

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Putting it all together

How do you put the pieces of magazine publishing together? An appealing, professional, and comprehensive magazine requires keen oversight and a committed team–whether online or [...]


Crisis Publishing Initiative Conference

Join Christian journalists, editors, publishers, broadcasters, and bloggers from around the world in Chicago as we gather June 26-29, 2022, to share experience and learn [...]

Digital Journalism Workshop

A one-day workshop following the Crisis Publishing Initiative conference will focus on using digital means to communicate before, during, and after crises. The digital journalist [...]

Finding common ground with skeptics

It’s a crucial lesson, and I'm glad I learned it early on. When communicating with skeptics, start by agreeing where you can. You'll get many [...]

Introduction à la publication d’un magazine

Rejoignez Magazine Training International dans notre suite du programme MTI en Afrique avec une conférence au Ghana en novembre 2022 ! Découvrez les étapes essentielles [...]

Introduction to magazine publishing course

Join Magazine Training International as we continue the MTI in Africa program with a conference in Ghana in November 2022! Learn the essential steps for [...]

Hands-on magazine startup workshop

This will be a limited enrollment one-day hands-on workshop for participants in the Introduction to Magazine Publishing (IMP) Course who are planning to start or [...]


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