Our mission

Magazine Training International’s mission is to encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.

Magazine Training International is dedicated to seeing lives changed as vital Christian magazines in under-resourced countries make an impact for Christ. Our goal is to use every possible means to equip those God has called to the ministry of Christian publishing. This includes onsite conferences, online training, video and audio courses, published materials, including training manuals and textbooks, and a resource-rich website.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry, Magazine Training International is sustained by the generosity of volunteers, donors, and those who pray for us.

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Who we serve

Christians in under-resourced countries often have little or no experience in publishing, but are strongly motivated to publish, and want to make their magazines stable and effective. Magazine Training International supplies many of the tools they need to carry out the vision God has given them.

Our impact

The ministry was founded in 1989 in Eastern Europe as a fledgling Christian publishing industry emerged from the shadows of communism. Since then, thousands of staff members from more than 100 countries have participated in the training program, attending onsite conferences in dozens of countries or taking part in an online training program comprising courses, workshops, training videos, ebooks, and downloadable resources. In addition, training manuals, textbooks, and other materials have been published in a number of languages.

As a result, new magazines have been launched in dozens of countries, hundreds of existing magazines have gotten a fresh start on a more stable foundation, and Christians in publishing have found new strength, creativity, and enthusiasm for the ministry of publishing.

Our services

International onsite conferences

Magazine Training International has offered some 70 onsite conferences in 20 countries.


Intensive courses on magazine editing, design, management, and writing are offered both onsite and online. Some courses are also available as multi-disk DVD courses.

MTI Online

An online training program annually includes two trainer-led, four-week courses and six or seven live workshops. Topics include magazine writing, editing, design, management, digital publishing, social media, and leadership, along with a variety of other publishing-related subjects.

Resource center

A plethora of resources are available on the information-packed website, where visitors find hundreds of downloadable resources on publishing, including e-books and web-based videos, as well as on-demand workshops.

Published resources

Course manuals, textbooks, and other print and online resources are available in multiple languages.


People looking for up-to-date news and publishing tips will appreciate the wide-ranging blog updated several times a week.

Magazine directory

Detailed information on hundreds of magazines may be found on a one-of-a-kind directory of Christian magazines worldwide.


Consulting is offered in person and by email and video, and is provided by experienced magazine professionals.

Our team

Sharon Mumper

President and Founder

Jennifer Howard

Communications Director

Christine McKnight

Office Manager


Magazine Training International could not operate without the help of those individuals who give their time and expertise to the ministry. We also value the cross-pollination and impact possible when sister organizations partner with us to accomplish a common purpose.

Instruction is provided by experienced Christian publishing professionals from more than a dozen countries who freely offer their time and expertise.

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