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Digital Publishing Workshop

Join Magazine Training International as we continue the MTI in Africa program with a conference in Ghana in September 2021! Learn how to successfully publish online with the Digital Publishing workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from highly respected Christian publishing professionals. Sign up for email alerts. The four-day Digital Publishing workshop will cover…

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Structure and SEO: An article’s foundation

SEO traffic

You might have amazing insights and understand how to craft words, but if you don’t have search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge and the right structure, no one will want to read your article—or even be able to find it. In this free online workshop, Sheila Seifert, editorial director of Focus on the Family magazine, will…

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Trouvez vos lecteurs/acheteurs à travers les moteurs de recherche et les réseaux sociaux

Augmenter votre audience est l’une des choses les plus difficiles à faire en ligne. Mais, de bonnes pratiques de référencement, des publications régulières de contenu, une newsletter et des publicités ciblées sur les moteurs de recherche et les plateformes de médias sociaux peuvent aider à faire découvrir votre site. Dans cet atelier gratuit en ligne,…

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Optimizing Online Opportunities: Keys to Increasing Impact and Generating More Income

A publication’s website is its gateway to the world. All too often, the tools needed to optimize online monetization and growth opportunities are neglected or even unknown. As a result, a publication’s full potential is never realized. Money is left on the table—web visitors disappear. In this practical workshop we will explain the fundamental tools…

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