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mailing list

Hello! We’re so glad you found Magazine Training International and we want to invite you to join the global community of Christians in magazine publishing. We hope you will take advantage of our many professional publishing resources. How can you keep in touch? By joining our mailing list. As a member of our mailing list you…

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Capture the moment: photography course students apply principles right away


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. During MTI’s The Art of Editorial Photography Online Course, students learned how to perfect their photos in order to tell stories even better. “I must say my eyes have been significantly opened to using photography as a medium to engage my online audience from now on,”…

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5 tips for editors working alone to develop content

develop content

The dream, for most editors, is to work with a team of other editors and writers to develop the content of a magazine. However, particularly for start-up magazines, the founding editor is typically working alone to create all or most of the initial content. It can be a difficult position. In this six-minute clip taken…

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Christian publishers around the world use MTI Online training program

Christians in publishing from countries as far flung as India, Brazil and Ukraine are receiving professional training through Magazine Training International’s (MTI) online learning program. Although MTI has offered on-site training for 27 years, the online training program began only in 2013. To date, some 270 Christians in publishing from over 40 countries have attended…

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Introduction to Internet Journalism

Internet journalism

The current reality is that many of your readers are getting their news on the go and on their mobile devices. Writers, journalists, and publishers must adapt to this trend if they haven’t already. In this course, Timothy Morgan, director of the Journalism Certificate Program at Wheaton College, will equip you to write at a…

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Your Brand: More Than Just a Name


Coca Cola, Nike, McDonald’s and Focus on the Family. For better or worse, we hear or see those names and we immediately have an idea of what we expect from that product or organization. Those expectations are not by accident. Much thought and strategic planning have gone into those brands. Have you thought about your…

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Next Biblica Virtual course begins soon

We are glad to let you know about a Spanish-language online course on creating comics from a Christian perspective. A una semana del inicio de nuestro curso libre: “Creación de Cómics con perspectivas cristianas”, con el diseñador gráfico Jose Carlos Gutiérrez. Este curso lo ofrecemos LetraViva Red, Media Associates International (MAI) y COMIX35/Christian Comics International.…

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