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We can’t say that: How Christian publications wrestle with self-censorship


Evangelical Christians have a history of talking about difficult issues–truths that need response–behind closed doors or on the sidewalks outside the church rather than inside it. Yet David Aikman, an evangelical and former Time magazine corespondent, would say we have a prophetic calling: a mandate to tell the truth about what we see, hear, and…

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Structure and SEO: An article’s foundation

You might have amazing insights and understand how to craft words, but if you don’t have search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge and the right structure, no one will want to read your article, or find it. In this free online workshop, Sheila Seifert, editorial director of Focus on the Family magazine, will demonstrate the structure…

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How to Write Fast on Deadline–Use the Formula


Don’t panic! The deadline for your article may be quickly approaching, but this formula will allow you to write fast. Discover how to use a hard-news approach that covers the five Ws and uses color and quotations to provide a solid read for your audience. In this free online workshop, Dr. Michael Ray Smith, a…

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Where are you taking me?


Crafting a unique focus for your article, and how it’s different from your lead. By Diane J. McDougall, McDougall Editorial Back in the early ’90s, a major airline advertised a weekend special: Fly anywhere in the country for only $69/person! There was just one catch: The airline picked your destination for you when you arrived…

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Should Journalists Let a Pandemic be the Sole Angle?

COVID-19 impacted many sections of news coverage including politics, sports, business and more. Should journalists let a pandemic be the sole angle?  by Evelyn Mateos, Editor & Publisher Douglas Soule, 20, senior, West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va. Soule is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University’s independent student newspaper. He previously interned at…

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Diplomado Virtual: Escritura y Edición de textos


https://www.biblicavirtual.com/escritura-y-edicion-de-textos Nos complace anunciar el lanzamiento de un nuevo y emocionante programa de capacitación para escritores y editores, “Escritura y edición de textos”.  Este Diplomado Virtual consistirá en cinco cursos de un mes de duración, cada uno dirigido por un profesional de publicaciones calificado con años de trabajo y experiencia docente. Comenzando con el curso…

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Race, Grace & Forgiveness: Writing Our Way to Racial Healing

A candid and interactive exploration of how writers of every background can help heal racial wounds by writing truthfully about our racial struggles and journeys. But what’s required? How does one start? What narrative and spiritual elements make a “racial” story work for both writer, editor, and reader? This special event Zoom webinar is free…

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Skillful Self-editing: The Fastest Route to Publication

As a writer, by doing the editor’s work—or a great deal of it—before submission will go a long way in keeping your editor happy. For the freelancer in a competitive freelance market, it will increase your chance of publication. Veteran writer Angela Hunt will discuss how to omit needless words, add punch, and trim your…

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‘Acts of God’? How to Write Better on Trauma, Pandemic and Disaster

Join this seminar’s focus on how writers, editors and journalists can improve their coverage of deadly, global events in light of the coronavirus pandemic. During this seminar, essential questions, insights and strategies will be explored. It will include updates about online tools for interviewing, research, presentation and social media. MTI On-demand webinars Did you miss…

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Come and get it: Training on how to write for a magazine

We want to provide you with all the resources you need to launch or grow your magazine. For this reason we have various ways you can get the training you need and the inspiration to provide your readers with the best possible publication. Focusing on the main aspects of publishing (writing, editing, management, and design)…

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