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Responding to readers


Articles in your magazine, blog, or website are an entry point to developing a relationship with your readers. While print magazines receive letters or emails from readers, the volume of feedback and reader engagement is much more immediate and direct for online articles. Some readers will respond with appreciation or request more information, while others…

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Understanding conflict is essential in story-telling


In many ways, writing for publication is like foil-wrapped chocolate. The foil wrapping can be viewed as the central idea of the story. Beneath the foil is a luscious piece of chocolate, detail that supports the main idea. But inside that hunk of chocolate is a sweet almond, a colorful expression that makes your writing…

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It’s our Light at the end of the Tunnel Sale!


Save 50% on key publishing resources in April The pandemic isn’t quite over yet, but the end is in sight. It’s time to start planning to launch the new magazine you’ve dreamed about. Or, restart one that suffered neglect in the pandemic. It’s time to hone your skills and gain fresh ideas to give your…

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Remaining in the race when times get tough


By Rusty Wright As an editor, writer, or other publishing professional, you may love what you do…and be very good at it.  But life can throw you some curve balls.  Opposition, financial woes, poor health, broken relationships and more can make you feel like giving up.  What do you do when chaos happens?  Maybe my…

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Surprise your reader


by Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial A great novel usually includes some element of surprise. The writer draws the reader along a path with setting and characters, and then suddenly an unexpected issue arises, or a character behaves in a way that surprises the reader. This element of surprise enhances the story and keeps the…

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Propel Your Writing Career With A Winning Attitude


Talent and skill are important for a writer, but a winning mindset propels a writer to success. Discover the key attitudes you must have in order to keep being productive and get your work published. In this free online workshop, Marlene Legaspi-Munar, a professional writer for more than 20 years, will discuss ways to change…

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Tips for reporting about sex work

sex work

by Iris Pase, International Journalists’ Network Sex work, meaning the provision of sexual services for money or goods, is a global industry that employs millions people of all genders in a variety of roles, which include, but are not limited to, street workers, actors, performers, escorts, dancers and traveling entertainers.  Despite the size of the…

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Free the writing spirit

free writing

7 Days to a Byline that Pays explains how to tell stories that audiences will read and editors will pay you to write. Dr. Michael Ray Smith, an award-winning writer, communications and media professor, and MTI board member, shared the first few chapters of his book to help you work fast, smart, and get paid for…

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Take a walk, find the story


By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial After a full day of research on her assigned topic, Ann Wroe says, “I have to go out and walk—to get the first paragraph—and decide how to start the article.” Her weekly topic is confirmed at an editorial meeting at noon on Monday. She does research the rest of…

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The Power of Hope


by Mike Bennett, Life, Hope, & Truth Sometimes pastors are accused of only having one sermon that they give in hundreds of different ways. Some probably think that about my articles. No matter the subject, my underlying theme seems to always return to hope! And has hope ever been needed more than over the last…

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