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Understanding conflict is essential in story-telling


In many ways, writing for publication is like foil-wrapped chocolate. The foil wrapping can be viewed as the central idea of the story. Beneath the foil is a luscious piece of chocolate, detail that supports the main idea. But inside that hunk of chocolate is a sweet almond, a colorful expression that makes your writing…

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SHOP talk for writers


When writers meet, the conversation often turns to shop talk, the business of writing. When a new writer gets a chance to talk to a shopworn veteran writer, she may ask for advice. “What is your greatest piece of practical advice?” the new writer may ask, eager to plum the fiery wisdom from all those…

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Explore the MTI Online library

MTI Online Library

Did you know that you are just a click away from accessing our MTI Online resource library. The professional development is available 24/7 on-demand. It won’t ever cost you a thing, but by logging in you’ll have all of these training opportunities at your fingertips: 22 audio recordings from the Crisis Publishing Initiative 60 e-books…

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Out of the Classroom and Into the World: MTI trainer’s students experience real-world reporting

real-world reporting

Dr. Michael Ray Smith‘s journalism students are having the time of their lives. Smith, who is an MTI trainer and a member of MTI’s Board of Directors, is also a journalism professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. And, he is advisor for the campus newspaper. The student journalists are excited because they are…

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