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At the beginning of 2020, B2B print publications received less advertising dollars than the previous year. COVID-19 only accelerated that trend.

Here, we dive into how the pandemic is affecting B2B print and the advertising trends shaping the shifts publishers face. 

COVID-19 forced B2B magazines to pivot quickly

In the midst of uncertainty, B2B publishers rapidly made decisions surrounding the distribution and financial viability of their print publications. 

“It certainly took a huge toll on our industry and our revenue streams,” explained director of publishing at MPI and editor-in-chief of, The Meeting Professional, Rich Luna. “We decided to stop printing the magazine. Whether it’s temporary or not, we don’t know yet, but at least for the near future.”

The decision to quickly stop printing was largely made due to logistical reasons. Offices, where magazines are delivered, are closed and not receiving magazines. 

The Meeting Professional already delivered a digital edition to its community. With COVID-19, community growth gained momentum rapidly. After the release of its May issue, page views, sessions, and unique visitors tripled compared to previous months. But increased traffic doesn’t necessarily equal more revenue. Publishers are faced with questions of how to make money when advertisers are spending less.

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