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Christian publishers invited to India for course on magazine management

Three business experts will form the 2016 management course training team for Magazine Training International’s (MTI) six-day Managing the Magazine Course in Kochi, India. David Renard, partner with mediaIDEAS, Marcos Simas, publisher and editor of Christianity Today Brazil, and Rick Edwards, founder of Seven Interactive publishing company, are coming together to offer the intensive course on the magazine publishing business. The…

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Third MTI publisher training in India concentrates on management and editing

“This conference definitely added to my confidence in managing our magazine better.” Sumesh K.N., new editor of Our Contact magazine in India, was speaking of Magazine Training International’s (MTI) “India 2016: Success in Publishing” conference held in Kochi, India, Jan. 24 – Feb. 4. “Those 10 days were just awesome,” he said. “And an unforgettable…

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Dabira magazine impacts women around the world


“Every time I read from Dabira magazine it gives me a sense of purpose as a woman,” a reader who has been through a difficult marriage and abuse wrote. “My confidence has increased and my trust in God got better.” Lara Odebiyi, founder and editor of Dabira magazine in Nigeria, finds this message encouraging and…

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Crisis Publishing Initiative

Information also available at www.crisispublishing.com. Join Christian journalists, editors, publishers, and bloggers from around the world as we gather to discuss how best to meet the challenges of a world increasingly impacted by crises of all kinds, from terrorism to war to natural disasters. In the midst of crisis, half-truths and wild rumors abound, sowing…

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Amazing DVD Sale this Month


Do you want to experience the professional growth that an MTI course can give you? Save big on the resources you need to grow you skills and make your magazine stand out. During September, our design and management DVD courses are on sale at an amazing discount. DVD courses are 90% off! Coupon sale code:…

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Developing good employees

First, to find good employees, look for people everywhere you go who are hard working, want to learn, have a servant’s heart and a positive attitude. Since it’s easier to train someone to do a job, hire for character and train for experience. Always recognize that people are your greatest asset and the key to…

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No more guessing! Here’s what employees actually want to know


As an employee, it can be tricky to have a respectful yet collaborative relationship with your boss. And as a boss, it can be just as tricky to figure out how to treat the people working for you. How much authority and freedom to you give? These are three questions every employee wants answered, whether…

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The delicate art of giving feedback


by Robert C. Pozen, Harvard Business Review To be an effective manager, you need to be skilled at giving out both praise and criticism. While praise is easy to give, it is far more challenging and unpleasant to criticize your employees. Yet the practice of management requires you to occasionally show employees where they need…

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5 Keys to employee evaluations that actually work

“Evaluations help us see where we were, and plan where to go.” Throughout the weeks, we’ve learned how to communicate our expectations with employees more clearly. But how can an employer track the progress and improvement of their workers? Answer: employee evaluations. While at first the phrase has an air of doom around it, evaluations…

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Mission Drift: Protecting What Matters Most


Mission drift happens and can happen to your ministry. The non-profit landscape is littered with organizations that no longer embrace the Christian principles on which they were founded. But, there are things you can do to prevent drift. What are the characteristics and strategies of organizations that remain mission true? Learn the history of mission drift…

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