How to communicate with advertisers effectively

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Ongoing communication is important

There are a variety of ways you may communicate with companies you would like to have as advertisers. Both prospective advertisers as well as your current ones will expect a good return on their investment. It’s your job to entice them with your readership, encourage them to stay, and show them time-and-again that your publication is where they want to be. Here are some ways to do that:

Subscriber profiles

Magazines often survey their readers in order to provide vital information to prospective advertisers. This information may be presented to advertisers in a variety of forms. View samples

Advertiser newsletters

Some magazines publish informative newsletters for advertisers. Advertiser newsletters are designed to publicize the advertising opportunities in the magazine and to offer helpful advice. View sample

Rate cards

Rate cards explain the magazine’s terms and requirements to potential advertisers. Rate card formats vary widely, from a single card to a brochure to a small booklet. View samples

Media kits

Media kits, which are provided to prospective advertisers, normally include: a covering letter introducing the kit; a printed presentation folder; a rate card; subscriber profiles; a sample of the magazine; and possibly additional promotional information. View samples

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