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Staying focused


I have been an editor and writer for more than 20 years, and I have worked from home for the last 6 years. Sometimes I am super-productive and honestly, sometimes I do too much fiddling around. But, I always meet my deadlines, and aim to create high quality work.  Here are a few thoughts on…

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Alphabet Soup: When to spell out Acronyms


An acronym is a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term. Acronyms can be quite useful in communications, because they convey information quickly and efficiently to those who are in the know.  However, acronyms can also be a barrier and make…

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Communicating with authors and subjects of stories


As an editor, I want an article that goes into a magazine or on a website to reach the reader, so the reader is always my first consideration when I am editing. Is the message clear? Is the content compelling? Will the content have an impact on the life of the reader? The relationship with…

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Inform and Do No Harm: Combating Fake News

fake news

As Christian journalists, we should take pride in the accuracy and truthfulness of our work, but doubly so. Not only is your credibility at risk, but your testimony. The rampant invasion of fake news makes it imperative that we focus on fact-checking to produce a true and excellent product. Fake news aims to confuse the…

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All the publishing resources you may have missed in 2019


We’ve rounded up all the resources you might have missed! Here are our best on-demand workshops and e-books of 2019: [e-book] Developing writers [workshop] Axis: The one conversation model [e-book] How to design a powerful cover [workshop] Tell it online: Create interactive and engaging online media [e-book] Editorial management [workshop] Worldwide trends in magazine publishing…

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A Transcript is Not an Article (Yet)


A transcript is not an article. A transcript is not an article. It is not a chapter. It is an unedited speech, or conversation. If your purpose is to reach readers, then you must consider how the oral material you collected can have its intended impact. First, decide how much you will edit the transcript.…

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Language Evolves

When I started as an editor 20 years ago, the terminology we used for the web was the “World Wide Web.” The communication standard for the organization I worked for had it as a proper noun, capitalized, the name for a very specific thing. Now that online activity is ubiquitous, the general usage is a…

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The art of the interview


An article with colorful quotes and interesting information starts with a great interview. Interviews are a crucial part of writing a fascinating article, but trying to get an interviewee’s thoughts, opinions, and feelings can sometimes be a challenge. A well-conducted interview can lead to more than a collection of facts that can be obtained elsewhere.…

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Aprender a escribir para compartir


Dirigido a todo interesado/a en el tema, especialmente a quienes están involucrados en la enseñanza y la escritura de Blogs Modalidad 100% Virtual-OnLine / Clases en tiempo real los martes a las 21,30 hs. Argentina Sin horarios fijos / Acceso al aula las 24 horas Interacción directa con la profesora en las clases, foros y en las…

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Which Version of Language – Slang or Formal?


During a discussion at the Magazine Training International editing course in 2018 in Nairobi, the participants shared their thoughts on whether articles should be edited in classic Swahili (such as would be found in textbooks), or whether slang should be allowed in magazines. The instructors for the course didn’t weigh in on which version of…

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