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A Cautionary Word: Always Write with the Reader in Mind

Big mistake: I started writing without the reader in mind. I was responding to the scandalous analogy a reviewer had made ridiculing my profession. I was incensed. Also, chagrined. I could see there was some truth to the caricatures he used, but I labored for a couple of hours, writing a rebuttal. Pride got the…

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Skillful Self-editing: The fastest route to publication


Make your article shine, impress your editor, and increase your chance of publication. How? Edit your own material before it ever gets to the editor. In this free online workshop, Angela Hunt, a best-selling author, will discuss how to omit needless words, add punch, and trim your work down to publishable size. Any manuscript can…

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Generating Article Ideas: The Funnel Approach


Where do great ideas for your magazine, blog, or website come from? Everywhere! As you plan content, you want to listen widely to gather more ideas than you need. The top of a funnel is very wide, it captures everything that flows from above. Just like a funnel, you want to collect many ideas for…

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Trust, but verify


The headline caught my attention. A search for the publisher of a controversial pamphlet was underway. The pamphlet had an impact on a particular religious community: it convinced some parents not to vaccinate their children. Their decision became a public health concern when that community faced an outbreak of measles. I wondered if the publisher would face…

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Facing Plagiarism


Has it happened to you? Have you received an article you assigned to a new writer, plugged a well-turned phrase into an online search engine, and discovered the article was rife with sections lifted from another author’s work? It’s happened to me. More than once. The assignment Jessie wrote a funny book on her struggles with…

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Working with new writers: A delicate task


Last week, I met with an aspiring writer. For years, Marie has dreamed of writing fantasy novels for teens and young adults. She shared her ideas with me about a parallel universe where a princess awaits rescue and mythical creatures abound. Marie hopes to use allegories to communicate her faith, imitating great Christian writers she…

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Quotes can make or break your article


The use of quotes can either be deathly dull or breathe life and interest into your article. There are so many things to consider: the interview of your subject, attribution, when a quote is powerful enough to use as the lede or conclusion, which parts of the quote to use, and more. Below are some…

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Analogies People Don’t Understand


I was in church, singing along with the worship songs, when I almost choked on my words. The song was based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 11:28-30: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble…

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Tell It Online: Create Interactive and Engaging Online Media


Online storytelling involves more than pouring content from a magazine or TV story onto the website. Learn the secrets of what kind of video stories become online hits. See why graphics and images are vital to online content and let us show you how to take your legacy media story and make it interactive online.…

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Tone Matters


When you are working to engage a reader and to elicit a response, the tone of an article matters. How Strong? Recently I was editing an article for a client who had a great article with a prophetic voice. He was calling out people who said they put God first, but in actual life, others…

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