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Bonus One-Day Workshops to be Offered Following the Crisis Publishing Initiative

Two one-day workshops to be offered in Sopron, Hungary, Oct. 19, will allow on participants to polish their professional skills as a writer or photographer. The workshops are a convenient add-on for participants in the Crisis Publishing Initiative, but are also open to registrants who do not attend the conference. The Crisis Publishing Initiative is…

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Writing Short


By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial Conversations among writers, editors and publishers about the state of publishing often turn to the short attention span of readers. While I understand the concern and realize that complex topics take more than 140 characters to develop, there are benefits to short, focused content. Writing short forces the writer…

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Access our extensive library of learning materials


Did you know that the MTI Online section of our website provides free access to a wealth of information on all aspects of magazine publishing. One user put it best: “You can’t imagine how happy and blessed I am since I started interacting with MTI Online last night! I spent about three hours reading different…

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New book published by MTI Trainer about Truth-Telling and Fake News

fake news

Magazine Training International is pleased to announce that trainer Dr. Michael Ray Smith has published a new book. Fake News, Truth-Telling and Charles M. Sheldon’s Model of Accuracy: How a Clergyman Insisted on Accuracy as Job One discusses how audiences are daily subjected to a blizzard of information, some of which is deliberately incorrect. The…

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How to write thought leadership articles


By Matthew Stibbe Thought leadership articles are one of the hardest forms of content marketing to get right. You need in-depth research, remarkable writing and impeccable style. Research Thought leadership articles have to be based on solid industry knowledge, a good grasp of current trends and events and deep insight into a marketing persona’s potential problem or challenge. They need to be backed up by solid,…

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From polish to publish: Refine your writing for publication


Learn how to make your writing shine–and get your message into the hands of readers. Your magazine articles, blogs, and books can make a lasting impression and even change lives. Discover how to enhance your communication skills and make your writing stand out. The road from concept to the published piece is not an easy…

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Continue Learning about Writing and Editing


Are you looking for some recommended places for continued learning about writing and editing? Check out these resources: BOOKS Editors on Editing (compiled by Gerald Gross) On Writing Well (William Zinsser) The Elements of Style (Strunk and White) The Elements of Editing (Arthur Plotnik) Spunk and Bite (Arthur Plotnik) The Art and Craft of Feature…

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Vocabulary for Magazine Writers


Do you keep hearing different vocabulary terms about writing, but aren’t sure what they mean exactly? Get “in the know” with these definitions: Analogy: A comparison drawing parallels of the concept being written about with a concept that the reader is familiar with, used to help the reader understand. Angle: Indicates the major subject that is…

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Gain an advantage by adhering to writer’s guidelines


Why do I need guidelines? Most magazines will provide a set of “Writer’s Guidelines” to potential and interested writers who want to contribute to the publication. A good place to start, even before a query letter, is to obtain that magazine’s “Writer’s Guidelines.” This way you can make sure the article you want to write…

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Get organized with the article status chart


An article status chart is one system to help keep track of the progress of work on upcoming issues. This sample chart (for a bimonthly magazine) shows the status of assigned articles. You may also choose to use project management software or cloud-based solutions. *You can download this chart and many more free samples here.

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