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Say it concisely


“75% of all revision is eliminating words already written; the remaining 25% is improving the words that remain.” –Theodore Cheney, Getting the Words Right Mr. Cheney is right. Leaving in extra words is like putting rocks in the reader’s backpack. It only slows him down and makes the journey more difficult. Many writers will set…

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Designers and Editors Can Have a Healthy Relationship


The partnership between editor and designer has become one of the most delicate and demanding professional relationships. While it is acknowledged that the ultimate authority lies with the editor, who is responsible for the entire editorial product, the most successful magazines results from mutual respect between designer and editor. Anything less than genuine respect will…

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5 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing


Editing your own writing can be a challenge, but it helps to have a process to put your article through. Get a fresh perspective. Print out your article and have your red pen ready to make some changes. Look for awkward phrasing and unnecessary words. If your deadline isn’t looming, it can help to take…

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Thou Shalt Not Pontificate


The subtle differences between the two statements below can bring people closer to your writing, or push them away in an instant. “You need to forgive your enemy.” “We need to forgive our enemies.” The first example is a classic case of pontificating: talking down to the reader, insisting that the reader do something, remaining…

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The Successful Editorial Planning Meeting

editorial planning

A well-crafted magazine full of interesting articles doesn’t just happen. Editorial planning can make the chaos of pulling together a magazine at the last minute a distant memory. A carefully thought-out editorial plan can promote balance in your magazine and provide a rich variety of articles for your readers. One of the first steps in…

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5 tips for editors working alone to develop content

develop content

The dream, for most editors, is to work with a team of other editors and writers to develop the content of a magazine. However, particularly for start-up magazines, the founding editor is typically working alone to create all or most of the initial content. It can be a difficult position. In this six-minute clip taken…

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Fact Checking

fact checking

Most days I read my local newspaper and the Wall Street Journal. And most days I find editorial errors in one or both papers. The errors often distract me from my reading. Some are obvious grammatical and spelling errors. But the errors I find most bothersome are factual errors.  These kind of errors cause me to…

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Why MTI Doesn’t Provide Articles for Your Magazine


How would someone from Russia explain the chill of snow to someone who lives on the Equator? It’s almost impossible for either person to fully relate to the other. Before Magazine Training International began, when Sharon Mumper traveled the world she saw an increasing gap between the evangelical resources available to Christians around the world and…

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Third MTI publisher training in India concentrates on management and editing

“This conference definitely added to my confidence in managing our magazine better.” Sumesh K.N., new editor of Our Contact magazine in India, was speaking of Magazine Training International’s (MTI) “India 2016: Success in Publishing” conference held in Kochi, India, Jan. 24 – Feb. 4. “Those 10 days were just awesome,” he said. “And an unforgettable…

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Course on magazine editing draws Christian publishers from around the world to India

Three experts on magazine editing and writing will form the 2016 editing course training team for Magazine Training International’s (MTI) five-day Editing the Magazine Course in Kochi, India. Marshall Shelley, vice-president of Christianity Today and editor-in-chief of the Leadership Media Group, Shibu Mathew, editor of Ethne mission magazine and trainer for Frontier Educational Services, and Camerin Courtney, senior editor for a nonprofit…

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