This is What It’s Like Photographing a Magazine Spread During a Pandemic

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By DL Cade, PetaPixel

Celebrity portrait photographer Daniel Kennedy was recently commissioned to shoot a spread for Billboard Magazine, his first job since the widespread lockdowns caused by COVID-19. He took the opportunity to give us a look at what magazine shoots might look like as the world begins to open back up.

Thus far, most “lockdown” photo shoots for major magazines have been shot by the models themselves. Robert Pattinson shot his own GQ cover story, and Gucci’s Fall/Winter collection will be advertised using only self-portraits. But as the world begins to try and open back up (safely), professional photographers are getting back in the game.

That’s how Kennedy found himself photographing music executive Denzyl Feigelson in the back garden of his home in the Cotswolds.

“It was strange. It was a strange experience. He couldn’t hear me very well through the mask, so I kept lifting the mask to be able to communicate, and the gloves weren’t operating the touchscreen very well,” recalls Kennedy. “It was a bit odd, but other than that I think it was okay. We did three different setups.”

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