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Whether you’ve been publishing for years or you’re just getting started, there’s always something new to learn. Although the course is called an Introduction to Magazine Publishing it dives deep into the practical principles of magazine publishing. If you want to expand your knowledge base, or you want to learn about new trends in the ever-changing world of communications, or you’re completely new to magazine publishing–this course is for you!

So what will you learn? A team of six trainers will teach you the essential principles of successful magazine publishing, including:

  • Increase readership in print and online
  • Streamline your editorial planning process
  • Combine words and images for impact
  • Make your use of typography shine
  • Edit manuscripts like an expert
  • Design magazine covers that draw readers
  • Build a publishing model that works
  • Present your content to best advantage
  • Design successful magazine spreads
  • Write leads and conclusions with impact
  • Increase your distribution options
  • Develop a profile for your magazine
  • Know when and how to do a redesign
  • Conduct audience research like a pro
  • Overcome the digital publishing hurdle
  • Make the production process work for you
  • Take winning photographs for publication
  • Develop writers for the articles you need
  • Make a business plan for longterm success

Join us for the Introduction to Magazine Publishing Course in Accra, Ghana, from 13 – 17 November, 2022. When you register and pay for the course by October 15 you can save GHS 350 on tuition fees.

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