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In the vibrant tapestry of Christian publishing, each magazine brings a unique voice, perspective, and message. Magazine Training International is driven by a profound passion to help Christian magazine publishers in their journey towards success.

Join our one-of-a-kind online directory of Christian magazines—an invaluable resource designed to foster connections, facilitate collaboration, and amplify the impact of your publication. Take a pivotal step toward enhancing your magazine’s visibility and influence:

  1. Free and effortless: We offer a free listing in our directory. Simply fill out the form, and you’re on your way to greater exposure and networking opportunities.
  2. Showcase your publication: Our directory serves as a comprehensive showcase of Christian magazines from around the world. When you feature your magazine, you contribute to a global panorama of diverse voices and perspectives within Christian publishing.
  3. Enhanced visibility and networking: Your listing allows visitors to gain insight into the dynamic landscape of Christian magazine publishing. Whether they are readers, writers, or fellow publishers, your presence fosters connections and sparks engagement.
  4. Tailored support: Your listing provides us with invaluable insights into your magazine that allow us to tailor our training and resources to better meet your specific needs. From training opportunities to specialized guidance, we are committed to empowering you on your publishing journey.
  5. Opportunities for writers: As writers seek platforms on which to share their articles, they can easily discover your magazine through our directory. When you include your contact information, you open doors for aspiring writers to contribute to your publication, enriching both their portfolios and your content.
  6. Strength in numbers: A robust list of Christian magazines within your country or region fosters a sense of solidarity and encouragement. When you know that you are part of a thriving community, you also know you are not alone in the challenges and joys of publishing.

In a digital age characterized by interconnectedness and collaboration, our online directory serves as a beacon of unity and support for Christian magazine publishers worldwide. Join us to amplify the voices of faith, inspiration, and hope within the pages of your publication.

Together, let’s illuminate the world with the transformative power of Christian publishing. Join our directory today and embark on a journey of connection, growth, and shared purpose. Your magazine’s story deserves to be heard—let us help you share it.

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Magazine Training International’s mission is to encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.