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By now it is not news that you should be using social media as part of the marketing strategy for your magazine. However, there are many ways to improve your social marketing and engage readers across multiple platforms. Here are some ideas:

  1. Use specific hashtags. For Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook use hashtags that are as specific as possible. Look through some of your readers (or ideal readers) profiles and see what hashtags they are using.
  1. Find out where your ideal customers hang out online. Use this tool. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to create content for every kind of social media, just go where your customers are.
  1. Use your analytics. Most social media sites provide analytics of your page. Facebook Insights allows you to see everything from the demographic of those interacting with your page to what time they are online. Use that information to post when they will see it and to post content geared towards your target audience.
  1. Have an editorial plan for social media. Just as you plan out each magazine issue in advance, plan out your social marketing posts. There are many buffer websites that allow you to schedule posts on various sites at once. You can also schedule posts directly through Facebook.
  1. Take a look at what other similar magazines are posting. When you find a popular post, use that idea to make your own.
  1. Use shareable images or videos in your posts. Find free photos here.
  1. End with a call to action. Encourage your readers to interact by sharing, liking, or commenting.
  1. Use to shorten long URLs or links.
  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of using graphics in social media. Find out more here.
  1. Check our Pinterest board on “Social Marketing” for more ideas.

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