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Keith Williams from Mobile Advance has done an extraordinary job in putting together a very simple tool to help you assess the digital technology available and being used in your country. Keith did a workshop on this at our 2015 consultation in Holland. Download the free assessment by clicking the button below.

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With this tool you go through the key categories of digital media (mobile, Internet, social media and video) in your country. Buy using the links provided, you can determine at any given time the following:


  • total mobile penetration
  • smart phone penetration
  • most popular apps
  • most popular handsets


  • total Internet access
  • broadband penetration
  • webpage cost

Social Media

  • social media penetration
  • top social media platforms
  • top Facebook accounts


  • top video channels
  • top videos

This is critical information for anyone considering development of a digital strategy in a particular country. You will want to be in touch with what is available and what it is trending. Technology and social media evolve quickly so it is important to keep your finger on the pulse in your context. Thank you for this great gift Keith!

Published with permission. Written by Clyde Taber of Visual Story Network and Mobile Ministry Forum.

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