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The Next Next Thing


By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial What is the next topic you are going to write about after your current project is completed? Not worried about that yet? Thinking about tomorrow’stopic can make you a better communicator today. Communication is a process rather than a one-time interaction. So as a communications professional, you should always…

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Communicating Data


By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial Data is just a Google-search away – from sources around the world. Content is available in all formats and platforms. In the midst of so much content and data, it takes insight and discernment to provide accurate, clear and relevant information that informs and equips. Here are a few…

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How I stay fresh in my writing and keep learning


By Nzandi Murry English is my second language. That means I need to do extra work to keep my writing from getting stale. Over the years, I have tried many tips and tricks to become a better wordsmith. Here are some that have really worked for me: Thinking with ink Before I begin reading, I wear…

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Students need more than a great teacher to become a confident writer


By Nzandi Murry, Expressions, India If you have taught an aspiring writer that had a passion for writing, but didn’t have the knack yet, you might already know that your knowledge (though necessary) is not all you need to help the student. In my experience of teaching teenagers and young adults, I have learned that…

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