Now is a crucial time to amplify the message of Christ around the world. Magazine Training International stands at the forefront of this mission as we empower Christian voices around the globe.

The Fund the Future campaign represents a pivotal moment in our journey as we energize the next generation of Christian leaders. Your generous contribution to the Fund the Future campaign will allow Magazine Training International to:

  • Ensure a smooth transition as Sharon Mumper retires in the next 16 months and moves into an advisory role
  • Provide training programs tailored to the specific needs of Christians in publishing
  • Develop essential resources and tools that equip individuals with the skills to produce impactful and engaging content
  • Expand our reach to less-resourced communities and empower voices that may otherwise go unheard

Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to realizing the vision of a world where the message of Christ shines brightly through the pages of Christian publications.

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Magazine Training International’s mission is to encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.