“It is my faith that sustains me; I know that God equips and qualifies his called.” So says Kariatou Augustine Gbogou Nee Ohi, founder of Yeshuhammagazine7 in Côte d’Ivoire.

Augustine holds a master’s degree in management and originally wanted to be a professional in management auditing. But God had other plans for her. She loved to read magazines, but was disturbed by the fact that most of the magazines available on news stands in Côte d’Ivoire were not edifying. Her interest in reading and writing and her desire to share what she received on a spiritual level confirmed to Augustine her call to start a Christian magazine.

But how to start? She was thrilled when she saw the announcement for the Magazine Training International (MTI) “Introduction to Magazine Publishing” course in Abidjan in 2019, and she immediately decided to attend.

“MTI gave me the basics of magazine publishing. The course introduced me to editing and publishing, and sharpened my skills,” Augustine says.

In 2020, she attended a seminar taught by Christian web professionals that gave her the additional tools she needed to launch Yeshuhammagazine7 as an online magazine.

Publishing a magazine presents many challenges. The need to adapt to changing technology, meeting publication deadlines, and marketing are just a few of the demands that Augustine faces.

“You have to take the time to train,” says Augustine, “to cultivate yourself, to rub shoulders with professionals in the field of publishing.”

Augustine hopes Yeshuhammagazine7 will have a real impact on the lives of people in Côte d’Ivoire and throughout Africa. She was encouraged recently when she received the testimony of a reader telling her that the publication had brought her closer to the Bible and to God.

Augustine has not only benefitted from the ministry of MTI; she has become a benefactor herself. She says she donates to MTI because she is grateful for the fact that the training offered by MTI is almost free.

“If others have donated for my benefit, it is important that I contribute so that other editors can be trained. God used MTI to introduce me to publishing while I was wondering how to get started professionally. Making a donation is an act of thanksgiving and gratitude.”

By Ivanova Nono Fotso

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