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Four Free Ways to Add Interactivity to Your Next News Story


You don’t have to be a programming prodigy to add interactivity to your content. Steven King, professor of multimedia journalism at UNC Chapel Hill and former video editor for The Washington Post, showcased free and inexpensive tools for interactive storytelling at the recent Journalism Interactive (J/i) conference, a gathering of journalism educators and professionals. IJNet…

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Mobile assessment for your country

mobile assessment

Keith Williams from Mobile Advance has done an extraordinary job in putting together a very simple tool to help you assess the digital technology available and being used in your country. Keith did a workshop on this at our 2015 consultation in Holland. Download the free assessment by clicking the button below. Download this tool…

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In the print vs. digital battle teenagers deliver a surprise

print vs. digital

Teenagers grew up with computers and spend hours each week on electronic media. So, naturally, they prefer e-books to paper, right? Wrong, say researchers in multiple countries. Print is considerably more popular than e-books among readers 16-24 in Great Britain, according to a survey carried out last year for The Bookseller Children’s Conference. Out of…

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Dabira magazine impacts women around the world


“Every time I read from Dabira magazine it gives me a sense of purpose as a woman,” a reader who has been through a difficult marriage and abuse wrote. “My confidence has increased and my trust in God got better.” Lara Odebiyi, founder and editor of Dabira magazine in Nigeria, finds this message encouraging and…

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Print’s not dead – it’s regenerating

By Adam Tinsworth, One Man & His Blog During one of my lecturing sessions at City, University of London last week, I made the point that just because you’re most associated with digital, doesn’t mean you don’t – and can’t – love print, too. That’s certainly the case for me. My first love was print,…

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Print to Digital: Thinking Differently About the Same Story


How do you craft a voice that will be heard by your peers? It’s not easy. When readers are busy, sometimes bored, and cynical about most media, it can be challenging to write an article that will hold their attention. Discover how to tailor your writing for print and for digital in a way that…

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Magazine Publishing Institute – Nairobi


Information also available at www.mtiinafrica.com! Join Magazine Training International as it begins it’s expansion into Africa! You will learn the essential steps for successful magazine publishing through the intensive Magazine Publishing Institute. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from some of the most highly-respected Christian publishing professionals in the world. Sign up for email alerts.…

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Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool that’s in Everyone’s Pocket


God is using the mobile revolution as the most recent “Roman road” for the Gospel. Increase your ministry’s effectiveness by engaging the lost through their mobile device. Learn to assess the media situation of your target audience, identify opportunities for using your mobile device, and implement an appropriate media outreach. In this free live workshop, Brian James, head…

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Access our extensive library of learning materials


Did you know that the MTI Online section of our website provides free access to a wealth of information on all aspects of magazine publishing. One user put it best: “You can’t imagine how happy and blessed I am since I started interacting with MTI Online last night! I spent about three hours reading different…

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Tell It Online: Create Interactive and Engaging Online Media


Online storytelling involves more than pouring content from a magazine or TV story onto the website. Learn the secrets of what kind of video stories become online hits. See why graphics and images are vital to online content and let us show you how to take your legacy media story and make it interactive online.…

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