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Building a journalism career in a pandemic: Q&A with Korey Matthews

journalism career

by Taylor Mulcahey, International Journalists’ Network The past year has been challenging for journalists as Zoom calls, layoffs and budget cuts become commonplace in the industry. But amid the crisis, young journalists are stepping up, ready to make a bold impact on the industry. One of these journalists is Korey Matthews, a news associate at…

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How Publishers Are Pivoting to Digital Events & Strategy Post Pandemic

digital events

By Event Brite In-person events are a core part of the offering for magazines like gal-dem – a new media organisation committed to sharing stories and experiences of female-identifying and non-binary people of colour. But how does that work during lockdown? We sat down for a chat with gal-dem’s soon-to-be CEO, Mariel Richards, to find out more…

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USA: Wudan Yan talks about her experience covering COVID-19

covering COVID-19 in the USA

by The Coalition for Women in Journalism Wudan Yan is a Seattle-based journalist and has been covering the COVID-19 pandemic for different publications. She tells us that this is the fastest moving disaster she has ever covered. Her other work has involved reporting on environmental damage from palm oil and the Rohingya refugee crisis. We…

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Fact-checkers team up with social media influencers to combat misinformation in Nigeria


by Hannah Ajakaiye, International Journalists’ Network The spread of misinformation around COVID-19 has demonstrated the power of social media platforms to give oxygen to misleading, potentially harmful news. This infodemic is especially glaring in Nigeria, where the use of social media alongside diminishing levels of trust in local media has fueled the spread of false…

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Japan’s Publishing Industry Sees Higher Sales During Pandemic

Japan publishing industry

By Nippon A survey on the publishing industry conducted by the All Japan Magazine and Book Publisher’s and Editor’s Association’s Research Institute for Publications found that the estimated total sales for print and electronic publications in 2020 rose by 4.8% year on year to ¥1.6 trillion. The increase seems to reflect the greater amount of…

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How two Mexican media startups have survived the COVID-19 crisis

media startups

by Sebastián Auyanet, International Journalists’ Network Digital media startups over the past year have dealt with major economic and societal challenges due to COVID-19. Two independent news sites in Mexico, Verificado.com.mx and La Verdad de Ciudad Juárez, have not only weathered the global health crisis — they’ve managed to grow their newsrooms thanks to well-defined,…

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Publishing during a pandemic: Finding new revenue streams


By FIPP: The Network for Global Media As COVID-19 changes consumer behaviour, publishers have to go where the money is. With COVID-19 turning some revenue streams like ad sales and events into a trickle, publishers have been forced to reassess what the best ways are to fund their operations in the future. From ecommerce and…

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Pakistan: Taneer Ahmed talks about her experience covering COVID-19


by The Coalition for Women in Journalism Dr. Taneer Ahmed is a Karachi-based health reporter for Samaa Digital. Ever since COVID-19 cases have surfaced in Pakistan, she has been keeping a close watch on the pandemic. We asked Taneer how she ensures the coverage of coronavirus to be factually correct in the midst of surplus…

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Vaccine gaslighting, mask falsehoods and fake cures dominate recent claims added to the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance Database

recent claims

False claims about vaccines made up a third of fact checks submitted to the database since the start of 2021. By Harrison Mantas, Poynter As world leaders and everyday citizens roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated against COVID-19, purveyors of falsehoods have turned to a new tactic — claiming those vaccinations were a hoax.…

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USA: Carolyn Bick talks about her experience covering COVID-19

covering COVID-19 in the USA

by The Coalition for Women in Journalism Carolyn Bick is a Seattle-based freelance journalist who primarily works for the South Seattle Emerald – a small, local, nonprofit publication that specifically covers South Seattle and vulnerable communities. Her work has previously appeared in several local and international publications. Her coverage of the coronavirus ranges from the…

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