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Tips for spotting misinformation in science reporting

science reporting

by Marc Zimmer, International Journalists’ Network I’m a professor of chemistry, have a Ph.D. and conduct my own scientific research, yet when consuming media, even I frequently need to ask myself: “Is this science or is it fiction?” There are plenty of reasons a science story might not be sound. Quacks and charlatans take advantage…

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Leading Resilience: A Guide for Editors and News Managers working with freelancers exposed to trauma


by ACOS Alliance This is a toolkit designed specifically for news editors and managers working with freelance journalists, containing practical information, tips and guidance to help editors assess trauma exposure among freelance contributors and then plan the necessary action and support.  Download PDF

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Key quotes: Understanding how COVID-19 vaccines work

COVID-19 vaccines

by Lydia Antonio-Vila, International Journalists’ Network A year after COVID-19 was declared a national emergency, vaccines have finally arrived, with the U.S. averaging 2 million vaccine doses administered per day. But the arrival of vaccines also brings an explosion of information — some of it untrue. Dr. Galit Alter, a professor of medicine and a…

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Media Voices Live: Publishing in a Pandemic

publishing in a pandemic

by Media Voices Podcast The media industry has had a turbulent decade when it comes to technology, transformation, and changing consumer habits causing disruption to businesses. But for many of us, these challenges seem trivial compared to what we are now all up against with the coronavirus crisis. Publishers and media organizations of all shapes…

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News Organizations Safety Protocols: Working with Freelancers

safety protocols

by ACOS Alliance This resource offers a tool for news organizations to adopt safety protocols that respond to the extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The document seeks to empower commissioning editors to improve and adapt safety practices so the pandemic is covered professionally and in a way that minimizes risk. This document pays…

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In these Latin American newsrooms, remote work is here to stay

remote work

by Agustín Herrero, International Journalists’ Network The sound of people typing on keyboards at full speed. A heated discussion about narrowing the focus of a story. Journalists rushing to gather around the newsroom’s main television to see what stories are breaking on the newscast.  Even now, journalists are starting to feel nostalgic for the way…

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One Pandemic, Many Responses: How Magazine Publishing is Faring Around the World.

By Linda Ruth, BOSACKS Moving our focus out for an international perspective, Ian Watts dropped in on the Publishing Pandemic Roundtable—Bo Sacks, Gemma Peckham, Joe Berger, Samir Husni, Sherin Pierce, and me—to tell us that there are bright points of hope in a world market that is still facing the impact of the pandemic.   Ian…

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Journalists and the urgency around the COVID-19 vaccine

by Andy Hirschfeld, International Journalists’ Network The COVID-19 pandemic to date has killed more than 2.6 million people across the globe — roughly the population of Lithuania. The health crisis is arguably the biggest story of the last century, and journalists are very much a part of it. Fortunately, scientists worldwide have developed several highly…

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Essential guide to verifying online information


Verification of online content can be intimidating, but it is not difficult By First Draft Being good at verification is mostly about repetition, persistence and using digital investigative tools with a little creativity. There are so many verification tricks and tools available now. In fact, the hardest part might be remembering all of the resources…

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The Holy Responsibility of Journalism

journalism responsibility

Restoring public truth in a media-dominated world by Jenny James Taylor, Lausanne Movement Why should journalism matter to missionaries? Are we not wiser to avoid journalists who love to mock us, or worse, ruin the work of decades if we let them anywhere near our projects? Are they not universally ignorant of the truth and…

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