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For everybody? Or nobody?


I cringe when I hear the answer “everybody” in response to the question as to a magazine’s audience. Even worse was the response one novice editor gave: “Everybody in the whole world, saved and unsaved.” Really? How do you produce a magazine that everyone in every country throughout the world will want to read, regardless…

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Custom content


By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial A recent client project involved taking a donor magazine with national distribution and creating custom content for specific geographical areas. We created 5 issues for major metropolitan areas, plus a “general” issue that mailed to everyone else. Custom content is an efficient way to hone a message for an audience segment.…

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Publishers are lousy at audience development. Here’s why.


By Eric Shanfelt, Publishing Executive As media companies, we pride ourselves on building long-term content relationships with our readers. Our audiences are the lifeblood of our businesses driving advertising, subscription, event, lead generation, and other revenues. But despite our reliance on our audiences, we often struggle at developing them. It seems increasingly difficult for us…

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Does this article fit my magazine?

Your magazine is a friend to your readers. They like its personality, they know its moods and what to expect. Would you like a friend who looked and acted differently every time you saw her? While readers appreciate freshness, the content inside needs to be consistent with the message and fit your ministry’s purpose. Articles…

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Are Publishers Really Putting Their Audiences First?


By Peter Houston, Publishing Executive What a time to be alive… the people, fresh from taking the U.K. out of Europe, are sending a reality TV star to the White House and the brightest brains of our society didn’t have a clue what was coming up in the elevator. The worrying part of that for…

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