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For everybody? Or nobody?


I cringe when I hear the answer “everybody” in response to the question as to a magazine’s audience. Even worse was the response one novice editor gave: “Everybody in the whole world, saved and unsaved.” Really? How do you produce a magazine that everyone in every country throughout the world will want to read, regardless…

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Reader surveys


In order to learn more about subscribers, most magazines use some form of research. The results of the surveys are used in various ways: Editors use information gained by surveys to find out how to more effectively serve readers. The advertising department uses the information in dealing with prospective advertisers. The circulation department may use…

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Publishers are lousy at audience development. Here’s why.


By Eric Shanfelt, Publishing Executive As media companies, we pride ourselves on building long-term content relationships with our readers. Our audiences are the lifeblood of our businesses driving advertising, subscription, event, lead generation, and other revenues. But despite our reliance on our audiences, we often struggle at developing them. It seems increasingly difficult for us…

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Writing for Your Audience’s Reading Level

reading level

When people pick up something they can’t understand, they put it down again. You want your magazine to be read and comprehended. Part of knowing your readers includes knowing what grade level to write at. The general rule of thumb is to write for a 8th-grade reading level when writing for the general population. Many popular…

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Does this article fit my magazine?

Your magazine is a friend to your readers. They like its personality, they know its moods and what to expect. Would you like a friend who looked and acted differently every time you saw her? While readers appreciate freshness, the content inside needs to be consistent with the message and fit your ministry’s purpose. Articles…

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