Managing the magazine with confidence and skill


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The companion to our managing the magazine on-site course, this practical manual on the business of magazine publishing delivers the tools you need to establish your magazine on a solid financial base for future growth and increased ministry outreach.

You’ll learn how to develop a business plan, build circulation, get advertisers, control costs, make a budget, handle magazine orders efficiently, use research, and manage personnel. You will assess the present status of your magazine, identify problem areas, and apply tried and true principles to solve problems. And, if you’re planning to start a magazine, it is essential reading in order to establish your magazine on a solid foundation.

Meet the authors: Dr. Kent Wilson and Dave Wilson

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Format: Print, PDF

Pages: English - 105, Bu - 108, Ch-S - 101, Ch-T - 99, Ko - 107, Ma - 109, Ro - 103, Ru - 112, Sp - 101

Language: English, Bulgarian, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Korean, Malayalam, Romanian, Russian, Spanish



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