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Tackle the three main areas of magazine publishing—editing, management, and design—in the five-day Introduction to Magazine Publishing course. Bring your staff and allow everyone to learn the skills necessary to work well as a publisher, editor, or designer. As a team, you will learn how to work together to create an effective publishing plan—and an influential magazine. You’ll gain the tools you need to successfully launch a magazine or update your process for a better publication.
The Introduction to Magazine Publishing course will be held in November 2022, in Accra, Ghana. The course will be presented in English with simultaneous interpretation into French. We will follow all of Ghana’s COVID-19 requirements and restrictions.
An international team of six trainers will cover the vital principles you need to know in order to succeed in publishing, including:
  • Find your readers and manage subscriptions
  • Develop a business plan for your publication
  • Discover how to design magazine covers that sell
  • Learn the principles of spread design
  • Create a magazine profile
  • Develop an editorial plan for your magazine
  • Find and train writers for your magazine
Following this course is a one-day Hands-on Magazine Startup Workshop.

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