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India’s new Christian magazine reaches “forgotten women.”

“I had given up reading women’s magazines because they are all just trash,” wrote Shakuntala. “But at the clinic I saw your magazine and I read it cover to cover. It’s a great magazine for women,” she said. “There is none like it in our whole country.”

They were encouraging words for Juliet Thomas, who for 25 years had dreamed of producing a quality Christian magazine for women in India.

Finally, at an age when most people retired, Juliet attended MTI’s first training program in India. At the conclusion of that conference, she was ready to launch her magazine.

The first few years were difficult as she struggled to produce a magazine that would appeal to all women, regardless of faith. Finally, Juliet realized she needed to focus on the forgotten Christian women facing painful issues silently in the church and community.

“We at Vashti are trying to to reach out to them, presenting the healing love of Jesus,” she said.

She continues to take advantage of MTI training opportunities for answers to her questions. “This is only possible with God’s leading,” Juliet said. “I feel I am holding on to God with one hand and MTI with the other.”

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