From print to pixel: New training explores the digital publishing landscape

By Jennifer Howard | May 2024

(BANGALORE, India)—Magazine Training International’s (MTI) training programs offer valuable resources that help Christian magazine publishing professionals stay ahead of the curve. MTI empowers them with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt and thrive in today’s digital age.

One of MTI’s efforts to help publishers succeed in the digital landscape was a three-day intensive workshop, “Publishing in a Digital World: The Business of Magazine Publishing for Today.” The conference was held in partnership with Sathyam Ministries in Bangalore, India, April 29 – May 1, 2024.

The workshop offered attendees a deep-dive into the intricacies of modern magazine publishing. Through a blend of hands-on sessions and insightful discussions, participants gained invaluable knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the challenges and opportunities present in today’s magazine industry.

The international team of trainers included David Renard, a partner with mediaIDEAS, and Dr. Marcos Simas, a 30-year veteran of the Brazilian publishing industry. Both are experienced MTI trainers and taught previous MTI training programs in India. 

Wairimu Kinuthia of Timazi magazine in Kenya recognized her need for new digital tools and ways to energize and expand Timazi’s publishing ministry, which led to her attendance at the conference in Bangalore.

“Being a digital immigrant and mother to digital natives offers many opportunities for the kids to be exasperated by how slow they feel I am around tech,” says Kinuthia. “Publishing for this age group–I have to keep asking whether I am actually publishing for them or myself. Thus, I am here to sharpen my digital mindset.”

MTI offers timely techniques on how to use digital media for publication promotion and engagement with new audiences. Online and in-person participants gain the skills to navigate digital publishing challenges, leverage social media for effective marketing, and expand their publications’ reach.

“I really appreciate the effort you put into organizing this workshop,” says Billy Judson of Wisdom for the Heart in India, another participant. “It was a valuable opportunity to gain insights from Dr. Marcos and David. The concepts and key thoughts they shared were truly eye-opening and not easily found on social media or books. I am grateful for the chance to learn and put these ideas into practice, for the advancement of the coming Kingdom.”

The conference is just one example of MTI’s dedication to excellence in digital publishing education. MTI also offers live workshops and blog posts discussing a wide range of topics, including: AI integration, digital publishing best practices, social media marketing strategies, podcasting essentials, and more.

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