Terrorist attacks, displaced refugees, war, hunger, poverty, and more crises plague the world today. Christian publishing professionals face numerous challenges as they report on the catastrophic events that effect their readers. Whether journalists are under attack personally or trying to help those who are, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

For this reason, Magazine Training International (MTI) will offer a three-and-a-half-day Crisis Publishing Initiative: Professional Training in Covering Crises on 15 – 18 October, 2017, in Europe.

“This Initiative is coming at a critical time in history,” says MTI President Sharon Mumper. “The world is embroiled in turmoil, and it seems every nation is impacted by multiple crises. Christian magazines have a responsibility to report on complex crises accurately and with sensitivity, giving their readers the information they need to respond as Christians.”

The goal of the Initiative is to help Christian writers, editors, and publishers discover and report the truth, offering a biblical perspective, and suggesting a path forward. Reliable background information on a series of crises many publishers worldwide are dealing with and writing about will also be covered.

The Crisis Publishing Initiative will offer three separate tracks with sessions on topics like guiding and caring for “War Zone” reporters, moving beyond the five “W’s”, staying safe in dangerous situations, photographing tragedy, coping with the emotional impact of reporting on tragedy, and tools for covering crises.

MTI is looking for partners, including co-sponsors (minimum $10,000 gift) and contributing sponsors (minimum $2,500 gift).

Co-sponsors will be involved in developing the Initiative to whatever extent they are willing and able. Their names and logos will be on all advertising and they will be viewed as partners in the program. The contributing sponsors will not be viewed as full partners, but will be kept informed as the program develops and are encouraged to make suggestions.

Those who can’t give, but who would like to be associated with the Initiative, may join as members of a coalition.

Over the last 27 years, MTI has offered courses and conferences for the staff of Christian magazines in dozens of countries, drawing an international audience.

by Jennifer Howard, communications director

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