When a publisher friend invited reflections on significant professional milestones, this story also came to mind. Maybe it can encourage you…and introduce you to some gratis resources to advance your important publishing mission.

God has graciously allowed Rusty Wright Communications (RWC) to pass a significant milestone.  Over 2,000 websites, newspapers and magazines – secular and Christian, based on six continents – now have used our outreach resources in any of 14 languages.  Here’s how it happened…

Digital communication has been a wild ride.  In the late 1990s, two Cru friends asked to place my outreach articles on the “Internet.”  I didn’t really understand what that meant, other than that the articles would somehow be “up there” and people worldwide could access them for free.

“Ego surfing?”

Later, a Miami friend encouraged me to “Google” my own name.  I wasn’t sure you were allowed to do that (!), and later found out it’s called “ego surfing.”  I tried it and was amazed to find my stuff on websites I’d never heard of.  People were finding Dynamic Sex: Unlocking the Secret to Love, How to be Successful and Satisfied, and others and republishing and linking to them.  These resources were spreading beyond my dreams.

While jogging in August 2003, I felt impressed to pray that within a year, I would know of 100 websites using my material.  At the time, I was aware of 43.  A year later, we reached 100.  User websites have ranged from the Dallas Morning News, Washington Examiner, and India Times to Christianity Today, Atheism News, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and the Daily UFO.

Gratis resources for publishers                           

We encountered publishers wanting new articles, so we syndicated the content – all available gratis.  We discovered that people were making significant life decisions through reading material I had written during university days, so my late wife, Meg Korpi, and I founded RWC to help that continue long after I’m gone from this earth.

Secular publication distribution has been heartening. has 22 million monthly unique sometimes publishes us. (“MSN, powered by Microsoft News, offers high-quality news from the world’s most popular and trusted publishers to nearly half a billion monthly unique visitors.”)

Any publisher or individual can use our material gratis: Permissions.  When we release new articles, we send email alerts to those requesting them.  We send these blind (for privacy) and only to those requesting them: Subscribe.

Global response

People around the world have indicated faith decisions via these resources.  People like Lordita in the Philippines, Eli in Norway, Tandi in South Africa, Ponco in Indonesia, Jean in the USA, Regina in South Sudan, Bimal in Nepal, Godwin in Ghana, Baudouin in France, Carlo in Puerto Rico, BachLam in Vietnam, and others… each name, a person God loves.  Faith-based publishing partners help inquirers become spiritually grounded.

As I continue writing, my wife Babs provides valuable editorial assistance.  Film-related articles have allowed RWC to ride studios’ multimillion dollar publicity waves to take meaningful content to needy hearts.  When coronavirus turned theaters dark and racial turmoil erupted, our COVID– and race-related articles gained positive domestic and international distribution.  By divine grace, and with friends’ prayers and support, the outreach continues….

by Rusty Wright

Rusty Wright is an author, syndicated columnist and lecturer who has spoken on six continents to university students, professors, executives, diplomats, military leaders and professional athletes.  Holding Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Theology degrees from Duke and Oxford universities, respectively, he’s appeared on secular television and radio talk shows worldwide and trains professionals in effective communication.

Copyright © 2021 Rusty Wright

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

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