How would someone from Russia explain the chill of snow to someone who lives on the Equator?

It’s almost impossible for either person to fully relate to the other.

Before Magazine Training International began, when Sharon Mumper traveled the world she saw an increasing gap between the evangelical resources available to Christians around the world and the needs of the local communities Christians were trying to reach.

With the exception of the Bible, there is not a one-size-fits-all publication. And, with the exception of the Bible, there shouldn’t be.

Every person needs to hear the gospel, but only someone who lives in the community can know what else the community needs to hear. While for one magazine it may be important to discuss the nature of yoga, another might need to feature an article on recent actions of a local celebrity.

Magazine Training International was created to encourage and train Christian publishers to better reach their own societies. To this day, we have never provided articles as a resource. Instead, we provide materials to train local writers and editors, because we believe that the best person to help a neighbor is the person who lives next door.

Whether the issue is about culture, music, or the latest social trend sweeping your community, you are in a unique position to write about it from a first-person perspective.

And that’s something that articles written by foreigners could never provide.

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