We at Magazine Training International have so much for which to be thankful. Our gratitude to God for the last 31 years of ministry is huge. Please make time to pray with us this week for the many blessings he has given MTI, and ask him how you can continue to be a part of it.

Of the many things we are grateful for, here are a four:

  1. You—We are thankful for the publishers we are privileged to come alongside, and our donors, without whom nothing would be possible. Thank you both for your efforts in continuing to spread the message of Christ’s love.
  2. Your prayers—Sharon sends out a monthly prayer letter with news and requests about Magazine Training International. Thank you for praying with us. We feel the love in those prayers, and we see the results as God hears them and acts.
  3. Your encouragement—To those of you who send emails, notes, and letters of thanks and encouragement to our staff, we want to thank you. Your words always come at the time they are most needed, and help us to keep going in our work.
  4. Your time—Professional training is only possible when expert trainers are willing to give of their time and expertise. Thank you to the many trainers over the years that believe in magazines and guiding the leaders of Christian publications.

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Magazine Training International’s mission is to encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.