“Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found; surely the rising of the mighty waters will not reach them.” Psalm 32:6

In one much-watched video recorded yesterday a dog dangles in the air for long minutes as rescuers attempt to pull both the dog and its owner out of a car lodged in the middle of what had been a dry creek bed, but was now a rushing river.

In Colorado, where I live, a bone-dry culvert or creek bed can become a powerful current in seconds as a cloud burst miles away sends tons of water surging through gullies and over cliffs. Water, the elixir of life, becomes an enemy.

Nevertheless, I don’t think the psalmist is speaking of actual water, but of all the crises that can come flooding into our lives. A cancer diagnosis, the loss of a loved one. Or, as so many worldwide are experiencing, flight from war, loss of homes, torture, rape, terrorism.

In a world racked by fear and horror, how is the church to respond? What is our responsibility as those called to be salt and light in the world? I believe Christian journalists have a role to play in helping the church come to terms with present reality and to prepare to meet the challenge of ministry in a fractured world.

I’d appreciate your prayers for us as we organize a conference drawing Christian journalists worldwide to Sopron, Hungary, Oct. 15-18, to talk about how to do just that. Please also pray for the 15 speakers as they prepare their sessions. And I’d appreciate prayer for funding for the conference.

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