bind-in cards

Bind-in cards are cards bound into magazines with saddle-stitch binding or perfect binding. Bind-ins are perforated for easy removal, and are placed in a specific location in the magazine. As the reader examines the magazine the pages fall open to where the card is due to its thickness.

Publishers may sell these cards to advertisers or use them to advertise their own magazine. Many magazines find bind-in one of the most cost-effective methods of gaining new subscribers. Publishers may bind in a single card or a page of cards, which may be separated along perforated edges. These cards often promote only the magazines in which they are bound. Publishers that have several magazines often advertise related magazines on bind-in cards inserted in magazines whose audience is similar. A subscriber to Today’s Christian Woman, for example, may also be interested in Marriage Partnership or Christian Parenting magazines.

See samples of bind-in cards on our website.

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