covering COVID-19 in the USA

Lisette is a Nicaraguan-born photojournalist who currently resides in Bonita Springs, Florida. She works on stories highlighting women and since the past year, she has been focusing on a personal photo series titled “The Road to Immokalee”. The series records visual stories of the women that live and work in this farm working community. Lisette has been documenting the COVID-19 pandemic from Florida.

As far as her experience of covering the novel coronavirus is concerned, Lisette shared that it is the most challenging photo reporting she has ever done. “(It is challenging) because I’m going to communities where there was no access to personal protection for the general population only up until two weeks ago,” she said.

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Normally, Lisette reports on the Latinx community and continues to do the same during the pandemic. Since she is reporting on the ground, Lisette follows the CDC safety guidelines of wearing a mask, gloves, washes her hands constantly, and maintains distance.

In terms of managing logistics, Lisette shared that she plans her photography schedule a lot more tighter than she used to.

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by The Coalition for Women in Journalism

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