Complete your assignment after the joining the live session or watching the recording.

  • Taking into consideration the uniqueness of each social media platform, review how well your publication is doing in this area and where there can be improvements. Also, suggest what social media platforms may be advantageous for the publication to be on. Explain your reasons for the suggestions. Additionally, if you have access to the social media analytics of your organization, review where the organization’s strengths are and where there could be improvements. (500-1000 words). If you are the social media manager or take care of that aspect for your publication, highlight in your post how you plan to continue strengthening your social media success and how you will improve your publication’s social media success. 

Please upload your assignment as one document in PDF or Word format. Use this naming convention for the file name before you upload the file: Week 3_Your Name.pdf (Example: Week 3_Jane Smith.pdf)

Deadline: Tuesday, May 9, by the end of the day in your time zone. Be ready to discuss on Thursday, May 11.