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Podcasts are a popular medium in journalism with few barriers to entry. It can be easy to start anywhere.

“The only requirement to start a podcast is to be passionate about what you choose,” said Padma Priya, editor in chief and co-founder of Suno India, during a recent ICFJ Global Crisis Reporting Forum webinar.

Suno India is a multilingual and multigenerational podcast platform dedicated to shining a light on underrepresented and underreported stories through audio journalism.

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Priya co-founded Suno India in 2018 upon realizing that many important stories at the grassroots level were not making it to Indian mainstream media. For Priya, podcasting was not only the perfect medium for covering the sensitive topics she wanted to tackle, but also because, in India, large private television channels are inundated with narratives driven by political agendas.

“The audio medium helps people to also slow down, take a pause, and listen to the conversations. And to not also be reactive,” Priya said.

Developing a concept

While podcasts can be as varied as the people who create them, every podcast must have a consistent goal and purpose. Podcasters must know what topics they will choose, and why they are choosing them, in terms of content. “Once you answer the why and what, the rest will fall into place,” Priya said.

Whether the podcast aims to spread an important message, generate leads for a business, or just for fun, market research must be done about what’s already out there and what value a new podcast can add. Most importantly, “think about how your podcast stands out,” she said.

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by Inaara Gangji, International Journalists’ Network

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

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