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As a person passionate about literature, the opportunity to join the “Write Powerful Stories” online course interested me and I had the courage to register. While I was registering, I realized that the course required payment. I couldn’t pay it. I was discouraged and had no choice but to forget the offer. While I was browsing my messages received on Gmail, I saw a message from Magazine Training International (MTI) confirming my access to the course. I replied saying that I was not entitled to the course since I had not yet paid the participation fee. The next day, I received a message that there was someone willing to pay my costs and that I am therefore eligible for the course. An unparalleled joy took hold of me and the enthusiasm to be able to start the course on writing powerful stories.

The course lasted for four weeks. For me it was a pleasure to complete this learning journey all the way through because I needed it so much.

I remember the first day of class; I was logged in before the live session even started because I was eager to participate. Unfortunately, my Internet connection failed, but I still had the opportunity to review the video afterwards and prepare myself for the assignment that was given. It was a great experience for me to do this course on the MTI learning platform.

I really appreciate the trainer Anne Marie Winz for her simple and understandable approach. Admittedly, I live in a French-speaking country and my English is not perfect, but we managed to get along very well. The exchanges in the group did me so much good since it allowed me to see the course and understand it at the same level as the others. Four weeks later, we finished the course and handed in all the homework.

This course taught me how to look for interesting ideas and how to do a perfect interview. I also learned to focus on the transmission of ideas because we cannot say everything. The session I found most interesting was on editing articles. Through this lesson, I learned not to be in a hurry to publish without reading and proofreading what I wrote.

The courage to write fills me now since I know that the things I write are within the norm. This makes me proud of myself and I thank God who gave me this privilege to participate in this training. I thank God for the person who sponsored my course participation fees, because thanks to him I grew in my writing ability. I thank the trainer Anne Marie Winz and course administrator Kim Pettit for their availability, and I pray that God bless each one in his attributions.

By Kasereka Sindani Gedeon, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Photo by Johnnathan Tshibangu on Unsplash 

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