“Brainstorming” is a creativity technique for producing a lot of ideas in a short period of time. There are many styles of brainstorming. It can be done in a group or individually. As you begin it is important to define the objective of the brainstorming session.

Here are some tips for successful brainstorming:

  1. Don’t reject any idea as too wild or too weird.
  2. Don’t judge the ideas while you’re brainstorming. That is, after someone offers a suggestion, don’t immediately explain why it wouldn’t work. There will be time to evaluate the ideas later.
  3. Write down all the ideas.
  4. “Bounce” off others’ ideas. Let one though lead to another. An unusable or weak idea can lead to a good one.
  5. Don’t stop too soon. The best ideas come after you’ve stated the obvious and predictable ones. A good idea often leads to a great one if you keep working with it.

Once all of the ideas are out there choose and refine the ones that you want to implement. Then, agree on an action and timetable, figure out how to analyze the results, and monitor the follow-up.

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