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Chinese journalists share advice for covering COVID-19

by Joey Qi, International Journalists’ Network Despite years of suppression, investigative reporting has somehow managed to survive in China. But the COVID-19 outbreak has sparked a new wave of Chinese muckraking. In the few months since the pandemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Chinese media appears to have produced more high-quality investigative reporting than it…

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Dos and don’ts of reporting on COVID-19–from a non-science background

by Ezra Del Rosario, International Journalists’ Network As COVID-19 continues to spread, journalists around the world are working tirelessly to provide the latest news on the pandemic for their audiences. For reporters who don’t have experience covering health and science news, delivering updates on COVID-19 can be very difficult.  SciLine, which connects journalists to scientific…

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What share of the world population is already on COVID-19 lockdown?

by Katharina Buchholz, Statista A report by The Guardian shows that 20 percent of the world population is currently on some form of a coronavirus lockdown, meaning their movement is being actively restricted and controlled by their respective governments. According to an analysis by Statista, that number is already closer to 25 percent. While there…

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Fight the stress of covering the coronavirus

9 ways journalists can push back against the stress of an always-on story by Al Tompkins and Sidney Tompkins, Poynter I have been hearing from journalists who are stressed out by this nonstop COVID-19 coverage. Journalists tell me they spend all day talking with experts who are warning that the worst is yet to come…

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Want to better serve your readers regarding COVID-19? Read these tips.

by Aldana Vales, International Journalists’ Network Reporting on the impact of COVID-19 in your community doesn’t just require listening to trusted medical sources. Hearing from your audience is also essential to better understand what content your readers need, want or find missing from existing coverage. By doing so, your news organization can better serve your…

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