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Independent journalists and media outlets are playing a critical role in documenting the many developments around the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are doing so at great risk to their own safety, and amid significant levels of mis- and disinformation coming out of Russia.

Russia’s aggression has placed journalists reporting on the ground from Ukraine in harm’s way. Meanwhile, inside Russia the Putin administration is stifling independent voices.

Fortunately, organizations around the world are stepping up to support journalists carrying out their reporting on the invasion. Below is a list of organizations providing support for journalists on the ground, as well as reporting guides and ways in which our readers can support independent media and reporters on the ground.

Emergency assistance

Independent media support

Monitoring press freedom crackdowns

Reporting resources

Tips for covering the invasion
Combating mis- and disinformation

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by International Journalists’ Network

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

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