Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Target… You probably subscribe to so many things already. The fact is, convenience and automation are just a way of life. Why not subscribe to something that makes you feel good every month? Subscribe to helping magazine publishers fulfill the calling of God on their lives, building leaders, and changing the lives of Christians around the globe. When you sign up for monthly automated giving you subscribe to all of those things.

Make a difference every month

Why partner with MTI?

What does your monthly gift do? It makes it possible for the many voices of Christians in publishing around the world to be heard as they answer the call of Christ on their lives.

“Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have read articles in Christian magazines and it has left a mark on their hearts. How many lives have been changed as a result? We will only know in eternity.”
Larysa Zhybryk, publisher in Belarus
“I still remember the intense thirst for knowledge and desire to excel in skills that I saw in the attendees. I returned to my regular job with a renewed sense of the privilege of my position, and a fresh enthusiasm to do my job well. I have the same experience after every teaching trip with MTI.”
Gary Gnidovic, MTI trainer
“What I’ve heard many times, is that they went online looking for answers and found MTI’s website. From the resources they found there, they were able to start a publication that ministers to their people.”
Jolene Robinson, MTI staff member
“Rather than trying to market U.S.-based publications that reflect American culture and language, MTI nourishes the development of publications that are produced by Christians who live in these countries and that are able to communicate the gospel in their local language and culture.”
Jack Shultz, MTI long-time donor
“The disruption and damage the pandemic has caused around the world is regrettable. But we thank God for keeping us safe and using the hardships brought about by the virus to open our eyes to see opportunities we had neglected. We plan to continue publishing online even after we resume hard copy production.”
Francis Ayieko, publisher in Kenya
“I feel more productive because of the knowledge I have. It has given me direction for my editing and writing. I know what I’m doing with each article. I often wonder, ‘what was I doing before MTI?’”
Mercy Kambura, publisher in Kenya
“This ministry is essential because it’s changing lives all around the world by showing them the love of Jesus. There’s no greater power to transform lives than that. We can show Jesus’ love through each and every one of our lives, and also through the written word—through magazines.”
Karianne Kunau, MTI staff member
“There was a lack of equipment, tools, skills, and experience in the key areas. We prayed that the Lord would show us people who have knowledge and experience, and could share with us. We give thanks to the Lord who answered our prayer and sent the MTI team to our country.”
Stanislav Kasprov, publisher in Ukraine
“When I learned of the ministry of Magazine Training International several years ago, I was quickly ignited by its mission. I was very impressed with the caliber of trainers as well as the quality of the international publishers who attended the training.”
Tamara Welter, MTI board member and trainer

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Magazine Training International’s mission is to encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.