truth in a changing world

Rather than shying away from change, Tim Morgan embraces the opportunity to reimagine journalism for our technology-driven era. As people face constant information overload, from multiple firehoses effective journalists rise to the challenge of helping people understand the world around them.

Even in the face of rapid change, Tim asserts that journalism is still about sharing truth. “It is about the truth. And if it’s true, it’s true for everybody. If journalism doesn’t deliver on truth, then what is it good for?

“Today, one of our urgent concerns is how to make an informed choice. If the news media does not meet this essential need, then we all are at great risk of making bad decisions based on inaccurate information.”

Throughout his career, Tim has grown and learned through a variety of different contexts. He started in a local newsroom on the police beat, mastering the fundamentals of news reporting. He continued his career with Christianity Today, helping Western Christians understand God’s work in the world. Along with his own reporting trips to different countries while he was with Christianity Today, Tim was part of an effort to find, train, and raise up indigenous journalists from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to report from their own contexts.

Now, Tim brings together the strands of his journalism experience to inform his teaching as he equips the next generation of journalists. He taught at Wheaton College and ran their Journalism certificate program for 10 years and began teaching at Gordon College north of Boston in 2020.

As a board member for Magazine Training International (MTI), Tim brings together his global experience, educational expertise, and the importance of equipping Christian journalists in their local contexts. Tim reflects on the unique mission of MTI: “The MTI team that Sharon Mumper has assembled to resource and train journalists across the globe is truly inspiring and world-class. When Christian journalists are well trained and empowered, the sky’s the limit on what they can do for their communities for the cause of Christ.”

As Tim embraces the changes he sees in journalism, he envisions a new paradigm where journalists reach back to the best in journalism’s history with one hand and reach forward with the other to tomorrow’s journalism. He explains the idea, “This concept is called the ‘ancient-future paradigm’ and it means that we hold tight of the best of the best, while striving to address the daunting challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Magazine Training International has also embraced change over the years. The ministry started with in-person training for the publishing of print magazines. Now, in addition to in-person training, MTI has a vibrant website with resources for editors, designers, writers, and publishers from around the world. Online courses and webinars provide real-time training and a rich archive of resources to encourage and strengthen Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.

You can be part of the future of Christian journalism around the world, with your gift to Magazine Training International. Your support equips publishers in under-resourced areas to share the truth of Jesus in their local context.

by Carla Foote of Fine Print Editorial, MTI trainer and board chair

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