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In our current moment, travel is limited and in-person interviews are often impossible for most video journalists. But, that doesn’t mean your news organization can’t still get great interview footage to broadcast and/or publish online.

Below, you will find a few simple, inexpensive technical methods to facilitate and capture remote interviews between reporters and their subjects. I also explore the importance of thinking about how we’re reshaping reporters’ interview techniques for the remote environment.

Recording a remote interview

At a basic level you need:
  1. A dependable audio and video connection.
  2. Time to troubleshoot with your video subject.
  3. A good method to record at least the remote subject.
  4. A backup recording if possible.
Basic tools for conducting and recording a remote video interview include:

You can also use any of the above tools just to communicate, and record your screen to save the interview.

Basic tools for screen recording a remote video interview on your computer include:
On a Mac
  • QuickTime Player — Easy to record the screen. Audio is complicated. Free.
  • ScreenFlow App — Offers more options for recording. Can do editing afterwards. Software cost begins at $129.
On a PC
  • Game Bar — Built-in to Windows as an optional feature. Easy to use.
  • PowerPoint Screen Record — Not a commonly known feature. Very simple. Some very basic editing.

Subjects can also record themselves on their computer via the computer webcam. This is a great backup option, especially when Internet is spotty.

Check out this resource for 32 ways to record your screen

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by Alan Haburchak, International Journalists’ Network

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