Practical tips for digital publishing


What should you consider when designing a digital publication? Discover the process, helpful tools, and best practices when designing for screens. You will gain inspiration from the trainers’ favorite digital publication designs and see where they hope the web is headed. In this free online workshop, Journey Group’s Zack Bryant, principal and studio director, and Jeremy Cherry, senior digital designer, will discuss lessons learned while serving magazines large and small.

Meet the trainers: Zack Bryant and Jeremy Cherry

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Photo by Minh Hằng on Unsplash

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3 reviews for Practical tips for digital publishing


    Awesome presentation though technical and requires more hands on practice. Need a follow up workshop.

    • MTI

      Thank you, David! We’ll put that on our list of topic ideas.

  2. David Munyere

    Awesome website, webinar

  3. Remigijus Jucevičius (verified owner)


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