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Are you a new writer desiring to break into the feature writing market, but you need practical ideas for executing a plan? FeatureWriting.Net guides you from the origin of the idea to suggestions for sources in the Internet age, to strategies on developing the article. Nearly 100 specific ideas for timeless feature articles are included. New writers and experienced ones will find this book light hearted and filled with suggestions to help you snag a feature article assignment. It guides you through the basics of good writing and discovering how to make the article sing. Additionally, you will be coached on how to use the Internet to gather feature-oriented information. This book does not assume an established level of writing expertise, but takes the novice from square one through the creation of successful finished products. Examples of feature writing are included in each chapter and you are directed to analyze, critique, and model your own writing on these examples.

Meet the author: Dr. Michael Ray Smith

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