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This manual on professional magazine design covers everything you need to know as a magazine publisher, editor, or designer in order to increase your magazine’s appeal to readers, enhance readability, and communicate more effectively.

You’ll learn how to create a distinctive identity for your magazine, visually translate editorial content, select and arrange fonts, use templates to create a design system, develop great covers, and design on a modest budget. And, you’ll discover how to evaluate your magazine’s “voice” and develop a redesign strategy when it’s time to update the publication.

Meet the authors: Greg Breeding, Gary Gnidovic, and Adele Mulford

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Format: Print, PDF

Pages: English - 99, Bu - 111, Cr - 97, Ch-S - 87, Ch-T - 87, Ro - 109, Ru - 117, Sp - 107

Language: English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Romanian, Russian, Spanish



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